Full Doc Home Loan

What is Full Doc or Full Verification home loan

A full doc home loan is a loan for customers with a good credit rating that can provide full financials to the bank or lending institution.

If you earn a salary, wage, PAYG contract income or have a company running more than 2 years with full financials, you will be eligible for a FULL DOC home loan.

Both income and assets are disclosed and verified, income is used to determine the applicant’s ability to repay the mortgage. The banks will verify employment and income amounts with the employer via pay slips and group certificates and/or a phone call to the employer.

Advantages of a Full Doc Home Loan

  • Better interest rates, as the bank can see your full financial position;
  • Can borrow more money than lo doc and specialised lending loans Higher LVR’s;
  • Can use a lower deposit, have a higher lending % up to 95% for owner occupied and 90% for investors;

Disadvantages of a Full Doc Home Loan

  • They are more difficult for self employed people as the bank requires full financials for a period of two years.

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